Artist Statement

Reflection and reaction are the primary driving forces of my work. For me, art is a means of exploration, a way to better understand myself and the world around me. To push beyond the standard flat surface of paper, I’ve begun exploring alternative materials to draw on, specifically found objects. Many of the found objects I use in my assembled surfaces are artifacts of my own life, each with its own energy, its own intrinsic and implied meaning. By burying these objects behind layers of gesso, I am in a way preserving them, while simultaneously turning them into a drawable surface. While some of these objects work to push the subject matter forward, others are simply used as details and texture, offering more to respond and react to when applying dry or wet media. Regarding subject matter, my work tends towards themes more than specific subjects. Common themes are conflict between biological and technological evolution, the pursuit of transcendent understanding, symbolic commentary on social issues, and finding balance in chaos.

Portrait of Nikki and Christopher - 26 Weeks

Intangible Reflexion

Journey Through My Mind


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