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If you have any questions, or would like to request a quote for a commission, please fill out the contact form below. I'm currently available for drawings, paintings, jewelry, installations, exhibitions, and workshops!

Richard Hudon is a professional artist and maker living in Biddeford, Maine. Having recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern Maine, with a BFA in Studio Art (concentration in drawing) and minors in both Philosophy and Art History, Richard is pursuing freelance work as an artist, maker, and instructor.

Regarding drawing, Richard seeks to speak to the world and his patrons through realism, authored by a surreal and philosophical mind. He is inspired by the macabre biomechanical works of H.R. Giger, the philosophical and spiritual works of Alex Grey, the haunting intuitive works of Chris Mars, and the analytical mastery of Leonardo DaVinci. When not drawing portraits, Richard's art tends to explore the primordial sub-conscious, relationships between technology and nature, and the interconnection of thoughts, memories, and society.

When it comes to portraits, Richard's aim is to capture the emotion of his subject through capturing a person's expression, rather than a traditionally posed portrait. It's not about simply making a picture of the subject, it's about interpreting and understanding the spirit of the subject, discovering the unique individual.

With his jewelry, Richard's techniques are completely self-taught. The idea of working from a non-traditional approach lends to the organic qualities of the final piece. His progression has proven to be an enjoyable and profitable evolution, honing his process through trial and error and self-critique. Since teaching himself to wire wrap in the summer of 2014, Richard has crafted over one hundred unique pieces and is now creating jewelry predominantly by commission.

Moving forward, Richard is working on methods of blending his various pursuits. At the moment, he is developing assembled canvases (using materials like fabric, wood, and wire) and coating them with gesso, creating an undulating 3D surface that can be drawn on or enhanced with a combination of dry and wet media. These works will play back and forth between non-objective and intuitive surrealism. Just another step on the road to self-discovery.