Reconnecting with Nietzsche, I’ve decided to start blogging even the most minute of ideas. As a thinker, I always have little moments of, “aha!” yet frequently fail to write them down. And when I do write them down, I feel that they aren’t worthy of posting or publishing unless I’ve expanded on the material to the point of an essay or research paper. But seriously, who wants to read that much a hand more? One of the things I love about reading Nietzsche is his train of thought. He gets his point out and leaves it at that, unless he feels it warrants a hand more bit more expansion. Or he’ll write his thought, and return to it later on as more comes. 

Moving forward, I’m going to try and be better about posting thoughts as they come. I mean, I have a blog, why not use it? So from now on, as these thoughts come, I will post an entry titled, “Random Thought [x],” and who knows, when I hit 100 or so, maybe I’ll consider turning them into a book.

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