With two fairly substantial exhibitions coming up, it’s the best time to start a new endeavor, right? Although I have a selection of Intuitive Surrealism works, ready to be hung, I couldn’t help feel that I kind of left my junior year work behind. Enter, new territory! Instead of simply returning to fabric in the same manner as before, I’ve decided to combine fabric with wood, wire, and a variety of dry and liquid media. As it stands, I have two panels already in the works and another few brewing in my mind.

My intent with this new endeavor, is to assemble a complex surface that I will then draw on. While building up the assemblage, I will be contemplating a specific idea, either personal reflection or philosophical quandary, followed by an intuitive response with dry and wet media. As it stands so far, I’m getting strong responses from the people I’ve shown the progress too, and I myself am feeling a solid connection to these new works.

Updates will be posted regularly on here, as well as Facebook and Instagram. Please feel free, as always, to share your opinions, critiques, comments, and suggestions. And thank you for viewing!

Following are a few images, at varying stages of the process.

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