After a long and strenuous process, I believe that I am just about where I want to be with my website. I decided to return to the more monochromatic design, relying instead on value shifts to transition through content, and created a cohesive font set throughout the site. That same font set is actually going on my business cards as well, but that will be another blog entry. I also added new sections for fabric and jewelry, two galleries that I’ve really been hoping to get setup on my website for quite some time. I also created a new bio page, complete with contact form and resume.
Moving forward, my next step will be to work on my shop page. I need to work on the formatting, imagery, categories, and stocking it up a bit more as well. I also think I’m just about ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign to release my first set of prints!
And a final note, now that I have a new laptop and a phone with a working camera, I will be making an effort to be more active in blogging and creating content on my social media pages as well. Between the headache my old macbook was turning into, and the hassle of having to load photos from my digital camera, through my printer (since the macbook didn’t have an SD slot), into my computer, I was just too fed up to put the extra effort in with work and school on top of it. As of this vacation, I’ve streamlined much of my interface, so I can pop out updates much easier.
Any suggestions for my current site, or what you’d like to see? Comments are active, so please don’t hesitate to lend me your input!

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