You’ve heard of spring cleaning before, I’m sure, but have you heard of solstice cleaning? While I don’t necessarily think it’s a thing, I decided to take advantage of the shortest day of the year by doing some much needed site maintenance. Especially with the end of the semester, there were just certain elements I no longer needed. Following is a list of the recent changes:

  • Changed out images and links on some of the featured boxes and slider images, on the front page.
  • Removed the ‘Advanced Art’ section, as the class is over and I no longer needed a digital portfolio for the class’s work. I did however move the one drawing I was happy with from the semester, over to ‘Surrealism’ section in my ‘Portfolio.’
  • Added some new art to the ‘Shop’ section.

I suppose that’s it for now. I did however post a few of my papers in the blog section, something I will continue to do, as I browse through some of my favorite essays from my time at USM. Eventually, I hope to get some of my longer, and more heavily researched, papers published, whether online of in print.

Next on my list of things to do on the site, is to create a page for my instructions and workshops. I just taught my first still-life workshop this past Sunday, which will be the first of many. I’m already in talks for another still-life class towards the beginning of January, as well as a series following that! Really pumped about that, actually!

That’s all for the moment. Just wanted to get a quick update post out there. Have a wonderful day!

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