Although I haven’t posted an update for a little while, I have been making site improvements, in case you haven’t noticed! My schedule has been very hectic as of late, between work, school, and now a baby on the way, so I haven’t allowed myself time to write a blog entry about the updates I’ve made on the site, or what’s been going on with my internship, for the past few weeks. That being said, here’s some notes, thoughts and new content to take a peek at!

  1. New Shop! I took some time to investigate some of the ins and outs of e-commerce plug-ins on WP, and have settled on WooCommerce for now. I haven’t populated the shop completely, only 4 works posted at the time of this entry. I was asked about the prospect of helping someone start a WP-based store, and decided it warranted some investigation before accepting the offer. Glad to say it seems to be working quite well! I think the next step for the commerce side will be to investigate print-on-demand services for artist prints, stickers, and such. Or perhaps, work on investing in my own stock of prints to sell.
  2. Hashing out the hashtags. The King Tide Party is fast approaching, and part of my internship is the organizing the social media aspect of the event. At the moment we have a Facebook page ( and an event posted by the page, so that people may share or RSVP that they will be attending. To garner further support and participation, we are also using the hashtag #KTPME2016, which will allow for quick and easy access to posts regarding the King Tide Party. I was hoping to create a hashtag page on an exterior website, where I could collect all content, on all social platforms, and display them all in one place. Unfortunately, Facebook has frame-busting algorithms in place, coding that makes it legally-impossible to stream there data or pages on exterior sites without prior approval. There are however services that have authorization from all social media platforms for exactly this, but.. these services are designed for brand-management and are very pricey. So in the meantime, I have a direct link to the hashtag content on Facebook, so that people can monitor or join in at the very least,
  3. Live-stream test success! The last update I have for you all today is our recent experimental demonstration of Facebook’s live-streaming. Jan requested that I give a brief instruction to the class of current social media content, how to live-stream and the purpose and use of our #KTPME2016 hashtag. While I was instructing the class, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Jan was live-streaming me on to the monitor where I was going over the Facebook page. If you would like to see the demo or get a glimpse of one of instructions, check out the first video on my “Video Test Page”:

More updates to follow! Thanksgiving break is almost here, so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of that time off to make some major additions to the shop, galleries and other content. For now, it’s time to get crackin’ on this 8 page philosophy paper for my Death and Dying class, sounds like quite the mood booster, huh!? Haha! Thanks for reading!

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