Working with wood as a canvas is new for me, and already I’m growing quite fond of it. Over the summer I was working full time as a cabinet maker, which gave me the opportunity to experience a wide variety of wood types. Specifically, I felt that birch plywood would make a great canvas. Now that I’ve had a chance to experiment with birch for a few weeks, I’m finding it to be incredibly versatile.   

This semester, in Advanced Drawing II, I’ve made it my goal to harness my capacity for realism as a tool for exploring and presenting the inner workings if my mind. Although I pursue compassion, patience, and positivity, my mind is admittedly much darker and warped. I have a fascination with anatomy, technology, nature and the macabre. Which I feel all make their appearance in my work more often than not. The intent of this particular project is to work as intuitive as possible, not working from any preliminary sketches, and allowing my mind to translate the subject matter and mark-making freely. 

Below are some progress shots of the two panels that are starting to come together. All total there will be 4 panels to start this series. Each birch-ply panel is 2’x4′ and is composed of a variety of media, including chalk, charcoal, graphite and ink. 

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