Last night, I took an opportunity to add Landscapes and Surrealism to my Portfolio. The next step for my portfolio section will be to add descriptions to each of the categories, and to expand the directory to include fabric sculptures and jewelry.

This morning, I was finally able to figure out how to move my posts from the front page to an inside page. Wasn’t too easy to figure out at first, but I managed to get everything squared away. If you check out the new Blog section, you’ll notice recent posts cascading down the body of the page, but I’ve also set up a section in the sidebar for browsing by category. Where I discuss a variety of subjects, I felt it imperative to have a means of organizing and displaying posts without simply just leaving them at the entrance to this site.

I hope that the improvements I’ve been rolling out are helpful and aesthetically pleasing. If you have any thoughts or critiques, I always welcome feedback! Thanks for visiting!

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