Today during the Molded By The Flow class, I was messing around with GoPros. First, I’d like to apologize to the class if the constant beeping coming from those noisy buggers was at all annoying or distracting. On to what I was doing thiugh, I managed to reset and clear out the student assigned passwords that were keeping them from syncing to wifi. I tried to perform the reset a few weeks back to have them ready, but alas, they required a micro SD card, of which there were none.

Just a side note, if you are the first one to setup a school issued piece of equipment that requires a password, ask your professor or at least write the password in a book (one student did this, thank you!).

After getting the cameras all set up, I started trying to get them setup for live streaming…. Not as easy as it sounds. While services like Livestream and Periscope are great for live streaming using your phone’s camera, with a GoPro Hero 3+, not so much. Since the way your phone and camera connect via wifi, it rules out the ability to connect to the internet. No internet, no live streaming.

After some forum searching, I stumbled upon the time honored media player VLC. VLC is put out by VideoLAN, and it’s been around a long time. I remember using it back in my high school days when we’d download videos off Napster and Kazaa that had odd file formats. Never did I realize however that this software is designed for streaming over LANs (Local Area Networks). Using the Macs at school, I turned the wifi on and connected to the GoPro, then input the camera’s url in VLC’s network connection and, bam! Live streaming!

The next step will be to get that live stream to function on a webpage. I’m looking at some plug-ins at the moment, any route I go is going to have some coding involved. Might be a bit beyond my current knowledge, but that’s half the fun of it. We’ve got a few months til the King Tide event, so I’m confident I’ll have it figured out and running by then!

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