Intuitive Surrealism

Detail and rendering are staples of my work. Initially infatuated with drawing naturalistic Realism, I have since deviated from this path, in search of my own voice. Moving forward from this realist approach, I began exploring my mind, looking at the philosophical, spiritual, and logical notions that make me tick. Blending my passion for realism with an infatuation for surrealism, I have developed a personal style that I like to call, Intuitive Surrealism.
Traditional Surrealism tends to begin with an arrangement of symbols and underlying ideas or ideals, Intuitive Surrealism on the other-hand, is a sub-conscious creation. I begin each drawing with one object or detail, or in the case of the paintings, I begin with a noisy and mottled background. As I progress through each work, I respond to a variety of elements, from the existing imagery, to the weight and shape of the marks and planes, and even to what's going on in the environment around me.
This all started from when I was a kid, and would stare at a noisy carpet or textured tile. As I would stare at the mundane textures and value shifts, the way one thread in a carpet interacted with another, I would begin to see faces. Not just regular faces, but some pretty crazy ones. Some goofy, some creepy, some were animals, others human. It's like staring at the clouds, but I use the textures of the things in the world around me.
In the following gallery, you will find a selection of some of my favorite Intuitive Surrealism works. Many of these are for sale, and some are even listed in my online shop! If you would like to commission me for an original Intuitive Surrealism drawing or painting, please feel free to email me at