Envisioning Sentience

Envisioning Sentience is an ongoing project of mine, intended to bridge the gap between human and non-human animals. As we learn more about our non-human neighbors, we should also embrace the idea that they have just as much right to the pursuit of freedom and happiness as we do, and as such, we must treat them with respect and compassion. By focusing on the eyes of the animals I draw, my goal is to draw you in to their consciousness, to make people feel the emotions of these animals. This can be a difficult task, as many non-human animals have minimal facial expressions, thereby limiting exactly how much I can emote. It it then my intention to invoke this sense of sentience using detail, value, size, and overall composition.
The following gallery are currently completed works within this series. As this is an ongoing project, I will be adding new works from time to time, so please check back for updates! If you are interested in hosting this series, please email me at mail@richardhudon.com